Susan Smith-Hunter Sculpture

Dark Green Glazed Wall Planter. SOLD

Dark green glazed planter , FIRST SNOW . 5" deep, 14" wide. 30 lbs.

Indoor/outdoor, one of a kind    $300.00 



Each: $150.00

Mixed Media Boxes, sold separately or together.

Designed for The Brandon Artists' Guild annual fundraiser, 2008, entitled: " Brandon Thinks Outside the Box".

Left box, media: ceramic base,old factory yarn bobbin, Shaker-style box, ceramic holder with wooden egg.

Middle: All fabricated wooden pieces.

Right: slate base, Cock feathers, old railing,wooden box with feathers, lid with glass buttons, Tropical seed pod knob.



15" x 14" x 5"

Dark Brown clay with bronzy oxide. Unique wall sculpture that depicts a smiling face within a cracking surround.

Gallery 100 Display                     Rampant Husk, Sustaining  Crusted Fortress, handbuilt stoneware

                                                         Handbuilt stoneware clay, Iron     Glazed in multiple firings, 23"H   $450.00

                                                         Oxide Patina, stripped maple twigs                                                            

                                                         doweled together.36" H $800.00         




                           Details of surfaces. Forms are built up

                         with scraps of textured clay that have been

                          pressed against various collected objects.