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Mel Hunter lithography

Mel's Lithography


Mel Hunter made beautiful original hand-drawn lithographs for well over twenty years. Coming into the print field from a long career as a magazine and book illustrator, primarily of scientific and technical subjects, he mastered the techniques of traditional stone lithography, producing fifty-three such editions, many of them in many colors. Almost all of these have long been sold out to collectors all over the world. Mel introduced what has come to be known as Mylar Method of original lithography, a fusion of the best characteristics of stone printing and more modern materials and procedures. This method has since spread to artists and printers around the world. The lithographic editions were created by the artist directly from hand-drawn, overlapping and dove-tailing images drawn on sheets of Mylar; a separate drawing for each color. The completed image emerged for the first time as each color came from the press since there was no prior painting or sketch as guide. The edition completed, Mel personally destroyed the printing masters and cut up all but one of the Mylar drawings. Usually only the black key drawing was saved for his collection. It cannot be used to duplicate or continue the edition.

Mezzograph is a coined term that applies to an edition of mixed-media prints using a color underpainting that is completed by an over-printing of a key image. Further information on request. For some editions, Certificates of Authenticity are available.

     Available: The Artist's Own Copy   $400.00

Barn Owls

Original Lithograph in eight colors, in an edition of 315 on Arches and Rives all cotton rag paper. Image size is 16" x 24" + margins. Published by HMK Fine Arts and printed at American Atelier of New York,1975. Signed and numbered.

Edition # 35


Available: 1 The Artist's Own Copy     $400.00

Snowy Owl

Hand-drawn lithograph with 4-5 hand watercolored colors, printed on Arches and Rives, all cotton rag paper.

Image is 16" x 24" + margins in an edition of 125. Published by HMK Fine Arts and printed at American Atelier of New York, 1975. Signed and numbered.

Edition #38.    Susan's Sculpture


  Susan's Sculpture My ceramic sculptures range from figurative (facial) wall planters, to imaginative handbuilt forms and functional but sculptural freestanding forms. The wall planters have been ongoing for 20 years or so, and although they may have a familial similarity, each is unique. Probably more than 200 have been created- some have ended up in the shard pile, others live above someone‚Äôs patio.   Sculptures for Brandon Auctions Even before I moved to Brandon, Vermont, I participated in 5 (including this year's) fund-raising auctions by creating theme oriented sculptures: 'Brandon is for the Birds', 'Circus', Palettes of Vermont", 'Brandon Rocks' and 'Brandon Thinks Outside the Box'. Money raised through these auctions supported the Brandon Artists' Guild, and local school art programs. All pieces except the boxes have been sold. Terrific Adventures!

In Our Birch Grove


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Hand-drawn Lithograph in five colors, printed on Arches and Rives all-cotton rag paper. Image is 16" x 20" + margins  in an edition of 200. Published by HMK Fine Arts and printed at American Atelier, New York, 1976. Signed and numbered.

Edition # 53.

                  Available: 4 unsigned          $100.00

Snowy at Moonrise

Hand-drawn Lithograph in six colors + four colors hand-watercolored, printed on German Etching Black all cotton rag paper. Image is 18" x 14" + margins. Commissioned by The Roten Collection and printed at American Atelier, New York,in 1976. Not signed or numbered. Certificate of authenticity can be prepared by Smith-Hunter Gallery and signature can be hand-stamped, if desired.

Edition # 60

   Available: 1 Artist's Proof 4 $200.00

Staghorn in Full Gale

Edition #63




  Available:1, 160/360  $500.00

Dreadnaught After the Storm

Mylar Lithograph in____  colors on Arches. Paper size is 21.5" x 19.5". Published by Circle Gallery, Ltd.,1977. Signed and numbered.

"The drawing phase of this tempestuous marine scene was well underway when received a commission to do an original lithograph of the U.S. Open golf  tournament...I was able to take along my specially built light box, on which I was drawing with graphite pencil on Mylar sheets. I took them along also.

The outside temperature was upper nineties to low hundreds. Being forced to study the wave action of that great, heaving mass of cold water, hour after hour, was so welcome! I swear it energized me enough to counterbalance the terrific heat whenever I had to leave the hotel for the course.

Here the Dreadnaught, a classic clipper, is seen rocking in heavy seas as a passing storm winds down. The shades of green used overall are certainly surral, but the effect is powerful."

Edition # 68


  Available: 1 Printer's Proof   $350

Night Winds

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in thirteen colors on Arches Black all-cotton rag paper. Image is 187/8" x 28 7/8" + margins in an adtion of 300. Publishd by Circle Gallery and printed at American Atelier of New York.( On the reverse of the print is a partial image in white ink.)

This beautiful little yacht is a Nicholson 38, coasting down the Pacific Northwest shore. "Night winds" is a further development of the effects which can be built up by printing in opaque inks on black paper to achieve the eerie beauty of moonlight. Many of the individual drawings for each color must be made in negative form; that is, dark drawn areas which will print light on dark.

This unique lithograph was made from thirteen separate hand-drawings, one for each color's area, in various black percils and inks on Mylar. Each drawing was then plated by contact, and printed in hand-mixed colored inks by the time-honored techniques of classic lithography. No original painting or sketch was made, and the artist saw the complete image only in his mind's eye until all thirteen colors had been finally printed. Signed and numbered.

Edition #71.


 Available:1 Copyright copy 2/2   $400.00

The Light at Emerald Point

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in seventeen colors, on Arches Cover. Image size is 16 1/2" x 30" + margins in an edition of 300.

Published by Circle Gallery, Ltd. and printed at American Atelier of New York.

"The Light at Emerald Point' can't be found on any chart, but it perfectly reflects the soft mist-enfolded shore of the Oregon-Washington coast, especially that deserted stretch near the mouth of the Hoh River.

During a leisurely wander up the Northwest coast, the artist found massive surf day after day for nearly a month in early Spring then, one strange morning, this utterly silent misty interlude of dead calm along a black beach. It was unforgettable.

Signed and numbered.

Edition #76.



Threading The Needle         Sold

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in six colors, On Arches paper. Image size is 14 1/2" x 26" + margins in an edition of 260.

Published by Fine Arts 260/Book of the Month Club, printed at George C. Miller, 1978.

No painting, maquette or color sketch was made in advance. The colors were decided upon at the press and the finished scene existed only in the artist's mind until the final color run was made and the completed print emerged. Signed and numbered.

"Threading the Needle' is an everyday scene on the wild Northern sea that the Newfoundland fishermen call home. The artist built up this boats-eye view from memories of a long, low-level flight down the Newfoundland coastline almost twenty years ago. The bleak abruptness of the headlands and the seething swells lunging every which way between the rocks would turn a Sunday sailor pale, but these sea-wise people live out their whole lives under the wheeling gulls, never out of sight and heavy sounds of those heaving depths.

Edition # 77



  Available: 1 Artist's Proof, signed & 2 to be dedicated,signed.

Victorian Autumn                                                                                        $300.00    

Mylar Lithograph in twelve colors printed on Arches  paper in an edition of 550.

"Victorian Autumn" is one of a quartet of Seasonal themed Lithographs published by the Franklin Gallery (Mint) in 1979. The others in the group are: "Catherine's Window", "Apple Blossom Spring" and "Barn View".

Edition # 84



Available:1 Progressive Proof          $400.00

Heading For Gloucester

Mylar Lithograph in____colors, on Arches paper. Published by Fine Arts 260 in 1980.

Edition #87



Available:  The Artist's Own Copy    $400.00

The Rider

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in fourteen colors with extra watercoloring on Arches in an edition of 330. Image size is 18 7/8" x 32" + margins. Published  by Mel Hunter and printed at Swan Color Graphics of Bridgeport, Connecticut. 1980  Signed and numbered.

Edition # 95.

  Available: #142/300 and 1 Artist's Proof    $125.00

On a Visit Home

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in seven colors  plus one hour of hand-coloring, on white German etching paper in an edition of 300. Image size is10" x 16" + margins. Published by Mel Hunter Graphics in 1980 and printed at Swan Color Graphics, Bridgeport Ct.

"Whether or not one grew up in a great old country house like this one, it just feels like home to any visitor settling into the old brass bedstead, with a hand-made quilt to remind one of a hundred winter's evenings' sewing beside the fire and dried wildflowers to recollect fragrant summer meadows." The quilt was hand-sewn by Mel's Aunt and now is treasured by his eldest daughter.

Edition # 96

  Available: 1 unsigned    $100.00

Lucky Lady

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in nine colors, on Sommerset textured off-white paper, in an edition of 300. Image size is 18" x 30" + margins. Published and printed by Mel Hunter, with chops of Polaris Workshop and Pegasus Fine Art. 1980

Certificate of Merit awarded Mel Hunter by the Salmagundi Club.

"Our world is full of myths and puffery, but Vermont truly is a place of deep forest silences, cold clear streams and skies that are unaltered by man's works. Travel up old hill roads yields glimpses of farms seen by few but their owners. The woods abound with enigmatic bits of overgrown and forgotten stone cellar holes, walls, bridge foundations abandoned since the stampeding dreams of the gold rushes and the terrible casualty lists of the Civil War sluiced away streams of young men.

Those who remained and survived produced descendants who are a hardy, retiring lot, given to interesting understatement and a complex love of the land and animals.

Lucky Lady is a little Welsh pony, nuzzling her special holiday ration of sweet apples. She was well known to all the local children in Grafton, Vermont and to those who commuted past her pasture, not so much for her utility in a machine wheeled age, but as an affectionate grace-note in a formidable landscape."

So, Lucky Lady is the pony, but might also apply to the grand pine tree. Mel liked to feature the huge, old trees he knew, that were going to be brought to ground by 'progress.'  Here, in his prints, they were safe.

This print can be dedicated, if desired, and signature stamped . Certificate of Authenticity available. Mel did leave a couple of prints purposely unsigned, to be dedicated, but his unfortunate demise came before that could be done.

Edition #101.


.  Available:# 241-375            $120.00 ea.

Gloria Reading


Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in fifteen colors on Arches in an edition of 375. Image size is 12" x 17" + margins. Proofed on a Brand hand press by the artist at Atelier North Star of Grafton, Vermont. Published by Mel Hunter and printed at the Polaris Workshop of Fairfield, Ct. under the artist's supervision. 1981. Signed and numbered.

This edition marks the third time Mel Hunter has returned to his lovely model, Gloria. She is actually reading "Cold Comfort Farm".

Edition # 104.


  Available:  6         $300.00 ea.

Signs of the Season

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in sixteen colors on Arches paper in an edition of 375. Image is 14 1/8" x 20" + margins. Published by Pegasus Fine Art and printed at the Polaris Workshop, 1981. Signed and Numbered.

"Some years, the Canada geese jump the gun a little, perhaps sensing an early Winter in the wings. But no matter when they appear overhead with that non-stop chit-chat which sets the dogs to barking and every head craning to see, they evoke a clear sense of impending change. The beautiful rambling old Colonial house stands just across the road from ( what once was) the artist's own home in the little restored village of Grafton, Vermont."

Edition #105


  Available: #178-300    $300.00    

Golden Eagles

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in twelve colors of an edition of 300. Image is 30" x 20" + margins. Published by Mel Hunter and printed at George C. Miller & Son of New York ,1982. Signed and Numbered. Also available are a few prints in State 11, which is a smaller, cut down version of the same print. No color painting or sketch was used by the artist as a guide as he drew. The completed image emerged for the first time as he visualized each color and supervised its mixing and color impression coming from the press. Signed and numbered.

Certificate of Merit awarded to Mel Hunter by the Salmagundi Club, 1982.

" Golden Eagles" is a big, bold, beautiful aerial view of a pair of golden eagles in fierce mating flight,talons locked, beak to beak, falling through the high sky in their acrobatic ritual preliminary to love-making which so awes the few humans lucky enough to see them."

Edition # 106


Available:AP 5/35, 56/200          $300.00

Great Horned Owls

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in 14 colors on Somerset Cream, in an edition of 200. Image size is 28 3/8" x 22"+ margins.

Published by Mel Hunter and printed in the artist's own shop, Atelier North Star, Burlington, Vermont, 1985. The edition printed by the artist's hand on his Mailander press. Signed and numbered.

Edition #112


Available: AP 11-50, AP12, 9,13   $300.00

The Grafton Apple Farm   state 11

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in 18 colors on Rives BFK White in an edition of 350. Image size 17" x 29 1/2" + margins.

Published by Mel Hunter, printed by Atelier North Star, Burlington, Vermont. 1986. The main edition of 250 were printed with a red barn. Copies #251-350 were made part of the listed edition but are printed with a yellow barn. (State 11) Signed and numbered.

Edition # 115.


Available: 50 copies out of 350.   $300.00

Columbia Heading Out

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in sixteen colors on Rives Heavyweight white French paper, in an edition of 350. Image size is 15" x 30" + margins. Published by Mel Hunter and printed by Atelier North Star, Burlington, Vermont,1986. Signed and numbered.

The "Columbia" was one of the most graceful of the fabulous racing schooners built in the New England yards for fishing the great offshore banks toward the end of the era of sail. Since market price for fish depended on freshness and supply, crews of these sleek vessels were very proud of the expert seamanship they developed to be the first to make port with a full hold. These fast-flying craft with their constant cloud of accompanying gulls, were a familiar sight for generations.

Edition # 116


 Available: 1 Bon a Tirer  (good to print) $300.00


Night Owls

Companion edition to "Great Horned Owls", on Rives Heavyweight White, printed three times in black overall with 16 custom colors, in a edition of 300. Image size same as above + margins. Signed and numbered.

The original Mylar drawing were saved from "Great Horned Owls" for this same grouping of the birds on black, a midnight scene illuminated by moonlight. When this edition was complete, the Mylar drawings were destroyed. Signed.

Edition #121




  Available: 1 #87/250  $175   10 Open Edition  $100.00

White Water

Edition #123

  Available: #132, 130, 80/350  $350.00

Ancient Elm

Edition #125


Available: # 132, 80, 130/350     $400.00

Quiet Cove

Hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in six custom-mixed colors, plus many hand water-color areas requiring two full days per copy. Printed on Arches Bright White paper in an edition of 350. Image size is 15" x 30" + margins. Published by Mel Hunter and printed by Villanti & sons, Williston, Vermont, 1989. Signed and numbered.

Edition # 127

Available: 125/350    $350.00

Racing Home

Original hand-drawn Mylar Lithograph in ten colors with additional hand-coloring details added to each print. Published by Mel Hunter in 1990 in an edition of 350 and printed at Atelier North Star in Burlington, Vermont.

"Racing Home' depicts two workhorse Gloucester Schooners of the turn of the century returning to home port from the Grand Banks with full holds.

Edition #130


    Available: #2,5,6/150     $135.00

Grandma's Chair




   Available: #354-#950   $135.00

Holiday at Sky Farm

Original Mylar Mezzograph in five colors with added hand-coloring, on Arches paper in an edition of 950. Image size is 15 1/2" x 22 3/4". Published by Polaris Press in 1994 and printed at Stinehour  Press in Lunenburg, Vermont,

Twilight winter landscape with farm in middle distance. Large lighted Christmas tree with children making a snowman  while others toboggan on hillside behind the barn. The stone walls and rail fences make a very nostalgic scene, carefully watched by an owl in leafless tree.

Edition # 144


   Available: #431-950/950    $135.00

Curious Visitors


1994 Hand drawn original Mylar™ Mezzograph™

"Curious Visitors" was drawn and printed by Mel Hunter in 1994 at the Stinehour Press on all-cotton Arches paper.

Image size: 15 1/2" x 22 3/4". All edges deckled by hand-tearing and burnishing by artist. A copy of Certificate of Authenticity can be made available.

Mel is known for his development of the Mylar technique of lithography as well as trademarking the 'Mezzograph' method. He painted all the underlying colors of this imaginary scene on artist's board, working in Gouache colors. This underpainting appears flat and unfinished, so it is completed by making a detailed 'key drawing' with graphite pencils on Mylar. The edition was run in 5 colors plus soft black from the key drawing. All in perfect condition, never framed.

Edition #145


   Available: #174-400/400  $135.00



Edition #160


  Available:    Many  Open Edition           $20.00

Silent Night


Edition #119

Available: #775-803/950   $20.00

Jungle Kitty

Original  Mezzograph in 3 colors + a black plate of accents and shadows, hand-drawn on Mylar in an edition of 950 on Arches, signed and numbered. Image size is 2" x 2" + wide margins. Published by Polaris Press and printed at Stinehour Press in Lunenburg, Vermont.

" This little scamp of a cat lived with us during his way over-extended teenager phase. There was not a stick of furniture or door jamb or anything else in the house which did not receive frequent postings of his residency and prowess. Of course, Jungle Kitty was aptly named 'Squirt'. And, yes, he had been neutered.

Edition # 152



Edition #157